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So make sure to grab a late lunch at Lucky Penny for a low-key atmosphere that's equal parts pizzeria and coffeehouse. Sit on the patio if weather permits—which in Santa Barbara it always does!

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This order-the-counter spot is all about the pizza, but don’t miss the sandwiches either.


Lucky Penny’s wood-fired oven was custom built by hand in Sicily. The innovative Milpas pizza is topped with fingerling potatoes, Mexican chorizo, spicy tomatillo marinara, cotija cheese, cilantro, and a sunny-side up egg. My daughters gobbled up the less complicated LP Kids Pizza with mozzarella and marinara sauce.

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Lucky Penny in Santa Barbara. I wanted a dog-friendly, casual place with a salad for me and a pizza for Abe. But I also wanted the food to be worth the drive – and I’m happy to report it was.

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We dined there on a Milpas pizza, based on a breakfast burrito with fingerling potatoes, Mexican chorizo, sunny side up egg, spicy tomatillo marinara, cotija and cilantro.

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For wood fire pizza, head to Lucky Penny and enjoy the food and the cool decor (penny covered walls!).

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A collection of boutique food and beverage concepts can be found in the heart of Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone, with restaurants Loquita, The Lark and Lucky Penny among the local favourites.

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Lucky Penny stands on its own both physically and with their impressive menu. Try the Milpas Pizza, made with chorizo, fingerling potatoes, egg, cotija, cilantro and a spicy tomatillo marinara.


Thankfully Lucky Penny pizza is rarely second best, even to itself, so the quandary is null and void, I start eating.
I have to draw my attention away from the egg and begin with The Parker. The first bite spills San Marzano marinara on my chin. The taste isn’t the first thing that overcomes me. It’s the hearty approach to the toppings, each “small” artisan slice is a bounty in itself.